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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Two Men and a Dove

Well, this is what I have been working on. The painting belongs to Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Kewaskum. It was pretty gross with dirt, dust and animal feces. It was missing a fair amount of paint down the middle of the canvas, and the wooden frame was in bad shape. I made a new wooden frame for it and tossed out the old one, so now its clean wood and the painting should be somewhat lighter. I cleaned the front and back of the painting and patched the few existing tears and weak spots in the canvas. With the amount of paint that had come off the painting, it was fortunate that I only had to rebuild a hand and redefine the red fabric.

The rest was color matching. It was still time consuming, but it kept me from having to use too much imagination and allowed the painting to keep very close to its pre-damaged state. I know the pictures I’m providing aren’t very good for detail purposes, but they get the point across with pretty clear differences between the before and after states of the painting.

Now comes the part where I watch paint dry and wait to apply varnish and give it back to the church.

Friday, July 11, 2008


Friend Elizabeth and myself completely reworked a giant drawing I had made/used as a backdrop to an installation I had created about a year ago. I enjoy the results, so I thought I would share some "in progress" images.

Conclusion to Kewaskum... almost.

Here are some images of the finished Holy Trinity Catholic Church. Free of its previous shades of pink, it now has a tan and cream color scheme, holding on to similar gold highlighting along the curves and edges of the architecture. The new replacement gold has a much brighter shine to it, which I am happy with. Especially in the lines along the walls and ceiling. The new colors make it a relaxing atmosphere to be in, and the shine in the gold along the walls sparks a bit of life into everything. there is a dark clay type red used as an accent color, and I did a bit of gold leafing on areas like the crosses at the bottoms of the arches.

The Church is done, but Im not quite done with Kewaskum. details on that will come up when i complete that project... and if i get around to posting it... This company is keeping me busy, and when I stay busy I usually stay happy.