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Sunday, May 30, 2010

P.B. ONE ACTS: Title Painting

Pink Banana Theatre Company is currently showing a collection of One Acts. The theme is "Sex, Drugs and the American Way". I was asked to help design and paint the set. When I find more time, I will post details about the design collaboration and detail painting I did for the set. For now I thought I would post the "title" painting I created for the top of the set.

Discussion on the desired theme and feel for the show, led me to suggest a large painting for the top of the set. I wanted to create a fun painting supporting the theme, with reference to a 40's style pin-up girl positioned on a giant pink banana (.. pink banana theatre co.). 8ft x 3ft, this was only a two day painting, and made for theatre. So for my usual figure painting, it's a bit rough, but it turned out really nice for the stage.

I've recently been in the habit of posting "in progress" photos, so I thought I would keep with that for this painting.

I started out by roughly blocking out the composition of the painting with red paint. There's usually no reason for what color I block out a painting with. I used red this time because it was the color I had the most of. I used acrylic paint so I wouldn't get held up waiting for other types of paints to dry.
I have inks sitting out in this picture, but I really only used ink for areas I wanted black.

This was definitely a first time painting half this imagery. I think that might be part of why I had fun with it.

Like I said, when I find time, I will post the rest of the set. I don't know when that will be. Hopefully soon.

Saturday, May 29, 2010


A new restaurant in Milwaukee opened recently. VIA DOWNER was created by the owners of Transfer, a great Milwaukee pizzeria, in the Walker's Point area. VIA DOWNER has an open yet cozy atmosphere, and good food.
And of course, the reason I am talking about this restaurant, is not only because of how great it is, not only because you just might get a Younblood Theatre Company Co-founder as your server, but because you can find paintings and collages of mine hanging on the walls. A few older paintings, some of my Stripes Series paintings, and a new large mixed media painting made specifically for the restaurant.
Also, mixed in with my work, the restaurant is displaying some paintings from my former studio mate, Nicholas Buchel. His work is a brightly colored mix of abstract and realistic imagery. Some of it contains elements of collage. Even though his work has fun elements to it, his work is very specific and well thought out. They are definitely paintings worth exploring.

So, if you get a chance, check out VIA DOWNER.

I'll end this post with a link to an article on the restaurant by Ann Christenson for Milwaukee Magazine.



So, now that the play has come to an end (a few weeks ago) and I have finished a few other projects, I can sit down for a little while and share some images of the Spirits To Enforce set.

Rather than just showing the finished product, I thought I'd post some "in progress" images as well.

YoungBlood Theatre Company chose the location for the play because of the size and feel the room had. It was long and cramped, good for creating an interior of a submarine. That being said, not a lot was changed to the shape of the room, and the build didn't require any ridiculous planning.

Josh and Adam, assisted with set construction, just as they did in Youngblood's Production of Red Light Winter. Here they are assembling the 24ft table. If you look behind them, you can see the only modification I made to the space. I brought the two sections of wall closer. I didn't like those sections of the wall being so deep.

These next two pictures are of the completed set. All the characters props are there. I finished painting everything, and even though the stage lights aren't on, Jason Fassl had placed all the lights and everything was ready to go. There are a fair amount of pipes installed into the set, but you can't see the majority of them in these pictures. Most are placed at the submarine's control console, that isn't in any of the pictures I've posted. If you saw the play, you know what I'm talking about.

My goal was to touch on comic book imagery, but to hold on to realism to keep the overall set, low key (not distracting). The actors, set, and audience are so close to each other, I wanted the three to visually mesh and transition well. I got some good feedback on it, so hopefully that means I did my job right.