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Monday, January 31, 2011

Heaven and Hell (Painting in Progress)

Coming up in Fall of 2011, Alchemist Theatre is putting on their Production of FAUST. I am currently creating a large Heaven and Hell themed painting down the stairwell of the theatre, as a fun way to make people aware of the upcoming production. So, if you find yourself at Alchemist Theatre, check out the stairwell.

I didn't take any pictures of the bottom half of the painting yet and the posted photos aren't very good quality because I only had the camera on my phone. But, these pictures at least give an idea of where the painting is going.

Buy Tickets to Youngblood Theatre Company's production of Red Light Winter (which is currently coming up on its final week of performances at Alchemist Theatre!) by Adam Rapp. That way you wont miss out on a great play, and you can check out the painting as well as learn more about Alchemist's production of FAUST. It will be worth it :)

For information on either Faust, or Red Light Winter, check out the Alchemist Website:


A Good Find

So, I was working my way through some folders and files of paintings I had done in the past. I was excited to stumble across this painting. Its an old one. I believe, this is the first "from life" figure painting I did freshman year of college. So, that would be at least 8 years ago. I'd say this image is a good find, so I decided to share it.

The girl in the painting is beautiful, Lindsay Petrick. She is an artist with a gorgeous collection of work. Definitely take a few minutes to check out her website: www.lindsaypetrick.com

Friday, January 21, 2011


Straight up oil on canvas. Finished this painting a couple days into 2011. It's a painting I had been holding on for about a year. I'm very happy with how the colors reflect the different temperatures at play. They support an image of security and a sort of nurturing comfort-- Mid winter, afternoon light reflecting off a warm body taking care of loved plants. I don't know what the future holds for this painting, or if more like it are on the way. But for now, I thought I'd share it for whoever had interest in seeing it.


Engaged friends asked me to help out with the program for their wedding. With the groom being a huge fan of comic books, I was asked to create illustrations of the wedding party as superheroes. Also I included sketches of the church and the location of the reception, to add to the illustrated theme. Comic book illustration is an area in which I've never really explored. I always enjoy new challenges, so I did some research.

Aside from working in a new style, there was a lot of challenge in creating superhero identities for a wedding party full of people I didn't really know. I was sent a few pictures of each of the wedding party along with simple explanations of interests or personality traits. I really wanted each member of the party to be their own original character, rather than representing a character that is already part of the comic book world (..such as superman or spiderman..). But with there being practically millions of comic book superheroes already created, it was hard to completely avoid using superhero traits already explored by others. The only superhero identity completely taken from something else, was "THE PLEASER" (the guy with the smiley faces). That costume was designed by the bride of this wedding, for a performance of the play SPIRITS TO ENFORCE, written by Mickle Maher, and put on by Youngblood Theatre Company.
I don't know how dead on I got each character, but from what I heard everyone was happy with the end results.

To create each character, I started with sketches. Once I created a sketch for each character that I was satisfied with, I pulled out the tracing paper, and traced each of my sketches, refining and cleaning up all my lines. Once completed, I cut out all the characters so that I could move them around and find a composition I was happy with. Once in place, I traced those drawings on to one sheet of paper, in their final composition. After that, I scanned the drawing onto my computer. If I have the option, I wont use a computer until I really feel I have to, so everything was done by hand up until it was time to add color. Then I ran it through photoshop. Another reason for doing everything by hand, was that I felt the hand-drawn quality was important to the asthetic of the final product. All the non-illustrated parts for the program (such as text and location-sketch placement) was done by the groom. He had an original vision in his head of how he wanted it to look, so I provided him with the illustrations, and he put the final touches to give the program the look of a comic book.

It was a beautiful wedding, designed and decorated by both the bride and groom. Not only that, but the bride made her dress as well as a few others by people attending the wedding. It was very impressing. Congatulations to the newly weds!