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Saturday, October 26, 2013


My most recently finished painting. Well, technically unfinished, but as complete as it's ever gonna be. It's my first painting driven by emotion, rather than materials, pattern or color. Being a painting based on specific feelings, it became finished when I felt those feelings begin to die. Aside from that, I feel a sense of completion when I look at this painting.
Even though emotion driven, and the first time I used painting as a way to blow off steam, it is very honest. Honest in my representation of how vulnerable I allowed myself to be. Honest in how I allowed that soulless trash to weigh me down. And honest in the way in which i gave this dark painting an overall glamorous image. ...the sugar coated exterior for those who only think they know her...
This painting is probably my most advanced. Because, even though I said it wasn't driven by materials, pattern or color, I feel those areas were pushed to new levels for me, while still addressing emotion and suggesting/portraying a story.
This painting includes the first self portrait I've done in about 6 years. In some ways I think of this painting as being successful, in some ways I'm not a fan of it at all. Maybe this painting could warn others as to how horrible that girl really is... But overall, I see this as the spark to a greater series of paintings to come.