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Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Today I finished a smaller painting.  It is, more or less, a collage of techniques, materials and ideas I have been exploring in a number of larger paintings I've been working on recently. The main theme is basically the aftermath of internal(mental) warfare and dealing with the impossibility of someone being able to escape them self. There's a lot more to the idea, but I think I would like to keep it simple tonight and leave it at that.

Here are a few images I decided to post from beginning to end:

Wednesday, October 29, 2014


This is a fairly large painting I finished about 4-5 months ago. Since then I have taken on several other projects, so as usual, I've fallen behind on updating this blog. Either way, Here it is. I have titled it In Dreams and Exit Strategies. To keep the explanation short, it basically has a lot to do with goals and complications. Using a combination of materials like metal leaf, graphite, canvas, paper, lace, and twine, I tried to create a confusing dream-state swirl of gritty sadness and a sort of delicate beauty.

As you can see, I have also posted a detail image so you can get a better view of the different materials. I have also posted a few "in progress" images in case you are like me and like to see the process of artwork being created :)

Wednesday, June 18, 2014


I took a short break from my current location to return to the Milwaukee area. Some of that time was spent creating a mural in Alchemist Theatre, to promote their 2015 season. The theme is New York club scenes, Studio 54 and the CBGB. The mural goes down a stairway and faces a Faust mural I had created back in 2011. With that in mind, there are compositional elements in new mural that mirror the composition in the older one. for example: the Faust mural is basically set up as being this sort of decent in to hell as you walk down the stairs. With this new mural, in a collage sort of way, you start with studio 54, and travel down through Andy Warhol's factory and into the grunge and graffiti of the CBGB.
I am happy with the results, especially considering the small amount of time I had to work on this. I was fortunate to get a little help from my awesome friend April, who definitely saved me a lot of time and allowed me to focus on more detailed parts of the mural. April often helped me paint a few years back when I was designing and constructing sets for Youngblood Theatre Co. So it was great to have her help yet again.

Here are some images in the order in which it was put together:

 This mural was fun to make, and I hope everyone that comes across it will enjoy it.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

2014 SO FAR...

If you are someone that follows this blog, you are well aware that I'm not so great at keeping it up to date. I have started a handful of new pieces. Some sparked from new ideas, and others created from old paintings I had lost interest in. I guess you could call it recycling...
I'd say, that the pieces Ive been working on this year sport my favorite elements of the few paintings I finished 2013. I think the biggest difference between my current paintings, and my paintings last year, is that the current paintings (on a few levels), aren't so.. dark. But either way, I decided to post images of parts of paintings I am either working on or have finished  this year.

I started off this year by finishing a painting created for a friends album cover... mixing imagery pulled from her lyrics, energy and the Chicago skyline.


The rest of the images are parts of paintings that all share similar materials. However, they are all very different in composition, theme and size. I guess at this point, I don't have too much to say about them other than I feel that Ive recently been pulling focus away from figures and concentrating more of material, pattern and process.

 I'm sure I will post more complete images.. of whole paintings later on. I have so much more than this started. This will have to do for now :)

Saturday, October 26, 2013


My most recently finished painting. Well, technically unfinished, but as complete as it's ever gonna be. It's my first painting driven by emotion, rather than materials, pattern or color. Being a painting based on specific feelings, it became finished when I felt those feelings begin to die. Aside from that, I feel a sense of completion when I look at this painting.
Even though emotion driven, and the first time I used painting as a way to blow off steam, it is very honest. Honest in my representation of how vulnerable I allowed myself to be. Honest in how I allowed that soulless trash to weigh me down. And honest in the way in which i gave this dark painting an overall glamorous image. ...the sugar coated exterior for those who only think they know her...
This painting is probably my most advanced. Because, even though I said it wasn't driven by materials, pattern or color, I feel those areas were pushed to new levels for me, while still addressing emotion and suggesting/portraying a story.
This painting includes the first self portrait I've done in about 6 years. In some ways I think of this painting as being successful, in some ways I'm not a fan of it at all. Maybe this painting could warn others as to how horrible that girl really is... But overall, I see this as the spark to a greater series of paintings to come.


Turns out my last post was only a few days from being a year ago. But, I guess this past year hasn't really allowed me much time to paint. This painting, which I have not titled, is the first of just a few paintings I've finished this past year. It's a painting about a moment. Though I don't hold much feelings towards it now, at the time I viewed it as a good moment. Technically, I was challenging myself with an environment of fabric and limited lighting. This is one of those paintings that I like/dislike according to my mood. But, overall I believe it was helpful, as it was a painting that sorta set me up for some of the paintings that followed.

Friday, November 9, 2012


My most recent series of paintings revolve around darker imagery, blood, and a loosely plays with the theme of predators in more of an emotional sense, I guess. All paintings have heavy texture and a use of metal leaf. Some of the the imagery has an intended reference to Gustav Klimt as well as religious iconography compositions. These images, I wanted to share, are smaller pieces of larger, more involved paintings. Some which have I have already reworked, discarded, or simply put aside for the time being.
The series will probably remain unfinished for a good deal of time due to a lot of current changes in my life. I dont know when I will get back to them, but until then, there are these to look at...