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Monday, December 22, 2008

New Painting!

This belongs with my "stripes" series. I am happy to say that its finished. well, almost. I plan on going over the painting with a clear varnish. This painting will be the oddball of the series. I say this because this is the only painting that is clearly a portrait. In all the other paintings (in progress), the foreground and the background share more equal roles. The picture I took of this painting isn't that great, mostly because it's still wet, so theres a lot of glare. I plan to take better pictures of it, when its is all dry and varnished. I didn't want to wait until then to post it. My schedule has been ridiculous and very busy, so I'm very happy that one of these many paintings I've started, is completed and I wanted to share it.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Unfinished Business...

Right now I'm in a location with a lot of unfinished work, and no materials or space to do anything about it. Which I guess is okay for now. Although I am excited to work on them again, I think some time to think them over might be good.

This first piece is about 3 years old now. It started as a vertical 6ft. tall collage, and was later reworked and cut in half, the other half was reworked as well. This piece was at the beginning of my college senior thesis. My main material for my senior thesis was etch a sketch, and this piece was an early experiment where I was attempting to work etch a sketch images in with other materials and mediums... one of my experiments to remove etch a sketch drawings from its red frame, and work them more like fine art material. I have always really liked this collage, but I never got it to a stage where I could consider it complete. Right now I am thinking I would like to remount it, and possibly create a companion piece to it. Possibly create a diptych. I haven't decided yet.

This little painting I happen to be pretty happy with as it is. I just haven't really decided on if I want to re stretch it or not. To be honest, I really just felt like posting this one.

This painting I started about a year ago. I had plans for it, but for whatever reason I wasn't into it after too long, and I started something else. Looking at it now, I'm seeing a lot more possibilities, and I think I have a direction planned out for it. Maybe something a little more playful and surreal.

I don't have much to say about this. I don't plan on changing the composition much, if at all. What I am sure of right now is that I want to take that figure and possibly push it to be more realistic, and give the negative space around her more depth.

Before last summer, this collage, was actually three different collages. All three collages were about taking roads/paths in one way or another. Now it has become more of a reflection piece of where I have been, and the 'on the road' lifestyle I've been stuck in the past couple years. Its coming along. And, although I'm content with it now, I can see myself altering it in the future.

Gesture drawings

Just a few of my gesture drawings I found..

Friday, December 12, 2008

A Bad Case Of The Stripes...

This piece, right here, is one of several new paintings I'm working on. The focus of these paintings are figures and fabric, but the theme is stripes. Although its not intended, I can see that my recent focus of religious art, due to my job, has influenced this painting as well as a few of the other paintings in this new series.
I was ready for change. Change in size. Change in materials. Change in focus. I am still painting figures, but my attention is on the fabric and pattern, and how those elements play against the figure. With the selective colors and materials, I have found these paintings to be strangely decorative a contain a slightly twisted elegance.
I dont have too much to say about this painting right now, but I'll try to post the progress as my stripes series becomes more complete.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Today, I found this image of a painting/collage I had done in sophomore year of college (about four years ago). It was 6' wide and 3' tall, and it was made up of oil paint and wax medium, along with twine and paper that had been soaked in a water/glue mixture. So it had a lot of texture to it. At the time this painting was a big deal to me, it was the beginning of my transition into mixed media/college work. I feel like that transition completely recreated the way I make art, and it finally put me on a path that that kept me motivated and productive.

As of this past summer, the painting no longer exists. Like many of my paintings, I saved a few pieces of it and scrapped the rest for parts for future paintings.

AND, as it turns out, today happens to be the Birthday of the girl in the painting, and seeing as i randomly found this image today, I thought it made sense to post it and write a little about it. So, here it is.