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Thursday, May 8, 2008

New Places

Okay so here are a few images of Holy Trinity, the current church I am working on. Although these images are from earlier, right now its at the point where we have repaired and primed the walls with a completely painted sanctuary. Later on I will get around to taking and posting those pictures. This is a really nice church, and I feel like end of this project will have promising results. Though, there is still plenty of time to change my mind. Ha.

The pictures above are from the oyster roast/silent auction/leukemia benefit at Sprecher Brewery. I donated a landscape I painted in Maryland for the auction, and I was one of four artists that was asked to bring in work to show/sell. I had a lot less work than everyone else because i work 3 times as big. But my work was also completely different. I basically walked passed the older guys with their smaller still life paintings and put up a huge painting of a bare-assed girl with dreads. haha. I didnt sell any of my big paintings, which I'm completely content with for many reasons. But, my donated piece did sell, and Im glad it did. That landscape was one of a few on-site Maryland landscapes that I have really held on to. So I hope that who ever bought it enjoys it. I talked to a lot of people, all which were a lot of fun to talk to, so it turned out to be a good night. It was good to get my work a little exposure, something I dont attempt to do very often.