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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Vienna Square

Back in February, SkyGarden had a project that required making surfboards. (For details on that, you can go back into my blog archives and look for the entry "Surfboards," posted on March 18th). The surf boards were half of a project, the other half being a mural. Both of which I installed this week in a brand new retirement community in Winter Haven, Florida. The community/facility is called Vienna Square. The building's interior is set up to feel like a resort, with mock store fronts, fun custom signage, and bright colors.

I started my drive to Florida last thursday night, stopping in Richmond, KY and Jacksonville, FL (and a few rest stops) along the way. I got to my hotel on Sunday night, settled in and looked over plans and sketches. First thing on Monday I installed the surf boards and from then until today I have been painting. Here are pictures of the mural and the surf boards in place.

It was a good week of painting, but I start my 20-some hour drive back tomorrow, so that I can get to the sacrament paintings that are waiting to be installed in a church in Edgar, WI.